Robust Line of Reliable and Customizable Point of Care Products Support Technology and Ergonomic Needs of Healthcare Providers

EASTON, Pa. – March 15, 2022 – HAT Collective, a leader in ergonomic design-forward workplace solutions that allow people to work their way, is expanding with the launch of HAT Collective Healthcare. The new division is debuting its product portfolio at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla., March 15-18, booth number 1829.

Featuring the ergonomic and customizable options for which HAT Collective is known, HAT Collective Healthcare’s robust product portfolio is specifically designed to support the technology needs of healthcare providers and improve the point of care (POC) experience for both the caregiver and the patient. (POC is commonly regarded as testing performed as close as possible to the patient, be it at their bedside or near them.) The line up of products, proven to perform within demanding 24/7 healthcare environments, includes: wall mounts, mobile carts, workstations and articulating monitor arms. Areas where HAT Collective Healthcare products can be utilized include patient rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms, diagnostic testing areas, or other spaces where caregivers interact with patients.

“Although HAT Collective Healthcare is a new division, we are no stranger to the healthcare industry and the unique needs of doctors, nurses and clinicians who interact directly with patients at the time of care,” said Steven Bramson, president of Innovative Ergonomic Solutions (IES), the parent company to HAT Collective and HAT Collective Healthcare. “As the healthcare industry continues to integrate technology throughout the patient journey, the need for highly reliable and flexible product solutions is essential. Healthcare IT professionals and clinical decision makers need to be 100 percent confident the products they select will perform to meet the multitude of technology needs they have. Our tools are designed to meet and exceed those needs. We are excited to offer our unique line up of products and services to the healthcare community.”

HAT Collective Healthcare brings decades of foundational expertise through its sister companies that have designed and delivered innovative and industry-first products for global healthcare leaders. The new division is staffed with an array of executives who come with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and how POC-focused products can serve caregivers and meet technology and IT requirements. This includes helping reduce a caregiver’s IT documentation time in order to maximize their patient caregiving time.

2 – HAT Collective Healthcare Launch

HAT Collective Healthcare products come with multiple price point options and functionality upgrades. The portfolio consists of:

    • Wall Mounts – Perfect for a variety of different caregiver tasks, HAT Collective Healthcare’s wall mount products are ideal for space-constrained areas. Every wall mount comes with an intuitive height-adjustable mechanism (with or without power), enabling users to quickly and easily adjust the desk to their own desired height. Offering superior stability, including an integrated locking mechanism to keep desktops securely in place, all HAT Collective Healthcare wall mounts are available in different height, width and finish options. When not in use, the desk surface can easily cleaned, tilted and stowed away for the next use.


    • Mobile Carts – HAT Collective Healthcare mobile carts are designed for effortless mobility. Perfect for small space environments, they are durable, compact and easy to maneuver. Available with custom configurations to support various requirements, they also offer exceptionally long-life battery options to ensure all technology needs are met. All carts feature electronic locking and audit trail software to allow for seamless distribution of medication. Articulating keyboard trays and other add-on accessories accommodate multiple computer equipment needs, creating an ergonomic workspace on wheels for healthcare professionals on the go.


    • Workstations – Healthcare providers needing to work their way have a diversity of options with HAT Collective Healthcare’s broad array of sit-stand workstations. During shift changes or while making rounds, users can choose to work alone or with a team, sit or stand, remain stationary or take their work on the move. Available with or without height-adjustable power and with multiple surface size options for task or space needs, the workstations provide ergonomic benefits while easily supporting technology needs.


  • Articulating Monitor Arms – HAT Collective Healthcare’s line up of innovative articulating monitor arms provide best-in-class flexibility and ergonomics. Whether users need single- or multi-screen viewing for different tasks, the durable articulating monitor arms support easy monitor positioning while offering ergonomic comfort and compact stowage. Simple to mount to a desk, wall or cart, HAT Collective Healthcare’s monitor arms are hygienic, intuitive and designed for fast-paced medical environments.

Hospital and healthcare IT executives, nursing staff leaders and others responsible for purchasing technology-related support products can learn more about HAT Collective Healthcare at www.hathealthcare.com

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